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hello i'm bryn, and i rather like the word jam, as you can see :D
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take a chill pill, your honor

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'you shouldn't eat that it's too fattening/full of calories'

*proceeds to eat both food and person*

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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

I love this so fucking much

Everyone needs to watch the video because it’s so much better than this gif set.


This has me in tears, sometimes I do feel unlucky not to have a father

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my friday nights consist of me singing old disney songs at the top of my lungs

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i was outside eating a cookie and a saw about 5 ants just roaming around on top of the steps and i noticed there was only one ant that wasn’t holding anything like the other 4 where holding dorito bits or something and the  ant seemed sad it wasn’t even going in the same pace as the other ants so i put a cookie crumb next to him and he picked it up and started running as fast as the other ants and i think i made that little ants day 

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i’m downloading flappy bird to see what all the fuss is about


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I need an au where everything is exactly the same, but the titans go “noot noot”

Apata Ronnie wants to demand the UK grant asylum to female Nigerian activist →


Please sign this. It is so important and will open the doors for so many things and change the world for the better. Watch and read her story. Please support this. This is one of the few times that I am going to pretty much beg my followers. Save this woman’s life. No one should be punished for whom they love.

Today's action: save Aderonke's life →


Dear followers,

Aderonke’s family was killed and she was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death in Nigeria for being a lesbian. She fled to safety in the UK.

She went through a humiliating interrogation by UK officials who didn’t believe she’s a lesbian. Aderonke’s waiting to hear from a…

Lesbian asylum-seeker sentenced to death →


Kill Bill + silhouettes

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